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7 September - 2 October 2023


'Is It No More Beautiful Than That?' follows two young women artists as they navigate a complex, ever-deviating path from disillusionment and discontent to emotional resilience. Through new works in distinctly different yet complementary styles, artists Roxanne Krumm (b. 1988, USA) and Skai (b. 1992, Lithuania) document their determined if not fraught efforts to seek truth and sanguinity both within themselves and their perception of the world around them.

Exhibition trailer by Kiril Koval

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Roxanne Krumm (b. 1988) is an American artist living in Berlin, Germany. Before moving to Berlin in 2021, she spent 9 years in
New York and originally grew up in the south of the United States. She holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Design and has been
working as a designer in tech since. While she considers art and design two different languages, she believes both industries influence one another. Roxanne takes a personal interest in philosophy, myth, and otherworldly realms, which greatly influence her artwork. She grew up with her mother oil painting in the home, which undoubtedly influenced her interest in art and painting.

Skai (b. 1992) is a Lithuanian artist based in Berlin, Germany. Her earliest memory of being creative is of her grandfather painting surrealist figures in the kitchen while chain smoking and asking her opinion on which color he should use for the background.
During her teenage years, she studied at Adomas Brakas Art School, where the boundless possibilities of art were unveiled to her, primarily by Arūnas Mėčius, an esteemed painter and mentor. In 2019, she made the decision to move to Berlin, envisioning a future where she could fully dedicate herself to her craft. This marked the beginning of her journey as a full-time painter, where she delved into the expressive realm of oil painting and embarked on a quest to discover her artistic voice.



Camp Space is a pop-up art gallery and roving cultural hub, driven by the vision of its owner and curator, Tayla Camp.
Committed to spotlighting emerging artists, Camp Space has a vested interest in celebrating artworks by women artists and artists of color. Through thoughtfully curated presentations that explore social and cultural, and Camp Space platforms intersectional representation and encourages critical engagement among visitors.

As a pop-up venue, Camp Space embraces its transitory nature, offering exciting, ever-changing locales for our program of exhibitions, events, and educational lectures. Of particular importance to Camp Space is the democratization of art collecting, offering a range of artworks priced to accommodate all manner of budgets, from high-quality fine art prints, to both small and large-scale original paintings.

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